lovita fate, lesbea young lesbians have sensual orgasms - 10.07.2017

Blonde lovers Lovita Fate and Cayla Lyons are lounging in their lingerie, admiring one another. Lovita's head rests in Cayla's lap, the latter stroking the former's hair playfully. Appreciating the affection, Lovita caresses her lover's beautiful face, her fingertips brushing gently against the soft skin. Walking her fingers down to Lovita's big tits, Cayla gives them a quick squeeze before making her way to her partner's tight pussy. Lovita moans softly in pleasure as she cums, then pushes Cayla back enthusiastically to softly tongue her clit. The blonde babes peel the racy thongs off their fantastic booties, ready to satisfy each other. Lovita uses her palm on Cayla's pretty pussy, licking at the juices greedily, before penetrating her with two fast and furious fingers. After an orgasm each, passions run high between the two ladies, who make out before finally reaching an intense cresendo of pleasure!

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