vicky love, therese bizarre, fitness rooms yoga meditation girls make out - 08.21.2017

When girlfriends Therese and Vicky want to increase their energy and vitality, a naked yoga and meditation session is exactly what they need. As they move in unison through their yoga routine, arching their backs and spreading their legs in bridge pose, the BFFs start to feel the sensual and sexual power coursing through their bodies. Perfectly in sync, the two babes meditate facing each other and can't stop their fingers from intertwining as they feel the same need to touch each other and release some of this pent-up sexual kundalini energy! A slow kiss leads to a sensual and meditative sex session as the two lovers massage and lick each other's breasts, then turn their focus on their root chakras by slowly tasting and fingering each other's pussies until they cum!

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