kira parvati, mom xxx sucking outdoors squirting at home - 08.09.2017

Lovers Steve Q and Kira Parvati are walking through the forest, enjoying an idyllic afternoon. All good days must come to an end, but Kira doesn't want the day to finish without getting to cum herself. Looking around the trees, Kira is sure they're alone, and is feeling a little wild. Pushing her lover against the bark, Kira makes it clear to Steve she wants to suck his cock right there! At first, Steve is uncertain: after all, they're not teens anymore. Looking at Kira's smoking hot body ends up turning Steve on way too much to say no, and soon the two are taking turns sucking and licking each other. Eventually, Kira compromises: they can go home, but only if Steve promises her quivering orgasms! Steve fucks Kira to multiple climaxes, and fingers her until she squirts. Satisfied and impressed, Kira gives Steve her best, sloppiest blowjob, and wastes no time swallowing his thick load.

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