kety pearl, max dyor, massage rooms innocent blonde wanks off big cock - 07.20.2017

It's Katy's first time in the Sexyhub Spa, and the innocent blonde is so excited to experience the magical healing hands of masseuse Max. Starting with her legs, the hunky caregiver releases the tension in her muscles slowly, working his way up her back and to her tight neck. After asking her to turn over, Max applies warm oil to Katy's puffy breasts, massaging slowly as she opens her eyes to watch. When the oil meets her shaved pussy and Max begins to massage her clit, Katy begins to moan, urging him onward, and inspiring him to meet her lips in a kiss. After she climaxes, Katy takes Max's big cock from his pants, wanking him before leading him into her wet pussy so they can ride out their fantasies with a hardcore fuck.

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