lucy li, lesbea curvy babe tastes her friend's pussy for the first time - 03.28.2014

Before Luci's tongue tangling encounter with Gina she met up with our lovely Tracy and at this point she had never been fully intimate with another woman. Tracy probes her a little about it and Luci's shy but inquisitive nature is clear. Tracy takes things slowly, allowing Luci to accept her sweet kisses, before laying a delicate hand on her thigh. She stops to ask if Luci likes it and of course she does, now Tracy feels confident that she can encourage Luci to get a little more forward and undress her. Tracy's beautiful silk underwear has a bow ribbon to pull undone and we all know what a wonderful present is inside. Tracy leaves her tongue hanging out, inviting Luci to pull it into her mouth and it's not long before Luci allows her to explore the rest of her beautiful soft body, Tracy biting the nipple of her huge breasts and biting her panties before stripping them off. The sound of Tracy's wet pussy being fingered as Luci pushes her sensational body on top of her is well worth the wait!

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