yenna black, massage rooms masseur oils up blonde's tits before sexual pleasure - 07.27.2014

Pretty blonde with a smoking hot body, Yenna, comes in for a massage with Steve, Taking off her clothes and demurely covering her perky breasts and pussy with her hands as she gets on the table. Steve drizzles hot Nuru Oil down her lithe and tanned body, first concentrating his efforts in her legs and feet, he moves up to her thighs and ass, and we get our first good look at her tight shaved pussy. Steve gives her mouthwatering slot some rubbing with his hands, soon followed by his face and mouths, and Yenna, her juices really flowing at this point, moans with pleasure as his chin stubble grazes her erogenous zones. When Steve slides his thick cock into her, Yenna moans as he drives on and out of her, but after a few in and out strokes, he teasingly pulls out and has her roll over onto her back. Yanna's disappointment is shot lived as Steve is soon back in, and after fucking for a while they switch over to a blowjob and pussy-eating 69, followed by more fucking, Yenna cumming rapid-fire and Steve finishing off with a creampie cumshot.

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