bella baby, george uhl, massage rooms male masseuse treats small pussy with care - 04.07.2013

Bella is young and tiny, she is barely 5ft (150cm) tall. When she arrives for an afternoon massage she was smiling and let us know that she was so excited to be visiting for some relaxing, pleasurable physical therapy. Her masseur would be George, and he too was eager to please her beautiful, natural little body. After stripping her down he goes off the prepare the oils and she is already tingling from head to toe, teasing herself with excitement. George uses a range of massage techniques to put her body in a state of tranquility, her muscles are like jelly and by the time he gets to her pussy she is already dripping wet with excitement. He mounts her from a position where he can use a special kind of penetration to stimulate different parts of her, she wriggles and twitches in pleasure as he enters her sensitive young pussy. When Bella orgasms, she comes hard and long, George's expert hands have prepared her well and she is completely satisfied. To thank him Bella takes his hard cock in her mouth and then uses her hand so she can watch his come fly out of his cock.

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