ava dalush, suzie carina, lesbea girls talking about ass leads to ass play - 11.18.2013

The scene starts with the girls chatting about Ava's bum, which she thinks should be bigger. She's wrong of course, it's perfect just the way it is and so says Suzie who is more than qualified to pass judgement on the quality of a bum, her own peach being swollen and ripe with mouthwatering juices. But Ava maintains this is of such significance it makes her feel unsexy, she blames this and her other general hang-ups with her body for a lack of action in the bedroom. With a body like hers she is patently wrong, many would kill for a body that has such sexy curves in all the right places but she can't see past the mirror in her mind and it takes Suzie to show her some attention before she starts to feel desired again. Once she does she takes off like a rocket and her kinky, experimental side comes out as you can see in the rest of the video.

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