lola myluv, tess, massage rooms boob massage gets client's pussy wet - 12.28.2012

As Tess lays relaxed and still in the serene spa her therapist gets straight to work as she kneads her delicate hands into the taut, toned body spread before her. The exquisite view of Tess and her pert little breasts are a real perk of the job as Lola gently strokes her from the neck down, said to release negative energy from the body leaving her mind free and open. Things heat up as Lola generously coats her body in a lightly spiced oil, her body beautifully responsive to a gentle fumble in her eager pussy. Lola loves nothing more than seeing a woman writhing in pleasure at the touch of her hands, she relishes in the soft moans, murmurs and uncontrollable movements at what she is doing. As she explores her body from another view Tess loses herself in pleasure at the sight, sound and feel of of the gorgeous Lola.

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