mr clark, silvia lauren, mom xxx milf gets a pussy full of dick down by the river - 10.20.2012

She meets her match with Clark, a high energy city boy who loves an older woman to satisfy his craving of taking control and Silvia is only too happy to oblige. Both lovers of the sensual silence of nature, things start to get hot and heavy when Clark spreads Silvia's legs and dives straight in with a raw eagerness to taste her pussy. As her eyes roll back she can't do much more than lie back and take the pleasure of his tongue as he goes to work with his mouth over and over... With their intense sexual chemistry Silvia is in her element as Clark takes control and bounces off her years of experience. He takes control, keeping her pleasure as his main point of focus and it all leads to some of the most explosive climax scenes we've had the pleasure of filming.

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