alisson gregory, megan, lesbea kissing a girlfriend turns into a kinky party - 05.11.2012

Megan and Alisson get really into each other in this scene. They remain close from beginning to end, never letting go and always kissing and looking deep into their partner's eyes. The kissing is very sensual with a simmering passion which builds as Megan can feel Alisson getting wet. She opens up her juicy pussy, revealing it's moist, glistening clitoral hood before slipping her fingers inside to really work Alisson to a strong orgasm. Her arousal is clear as she kisses Megan passionately, she wants to worship her lover for satisfying her. Indeed she gets so into pleasing Megan she totally forgets the cameras are rolling, burying her face in Megan's plump and juicy pussy, letting her hair fall and pushing her fingers deep and fast to stimulate a powerful orgasm in return.

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