lola myluv, frida stark, niky lulu, lesbea a glorious lesbian threesome experience - 05.21.2012

Three beautiful young women in virginal white exploring their sexual desires and getting lost in their lusts for one another, what a fantasy! Lola, Daisy and Nicky make it a reality as they come together in this scene. Lola and Daisy kiss passionately as Nicky looks on, getting wet and beginning to stimulate her own pussy. Lola then pays the same attentions to Nicky and so Daisy looks on with deep desire. Lola and Daisy then take their time with Nicky, making her their sexual plaything as she writhes in pleasure. Nicky is so stimulated it is she who must now come and she has the enviable joy of the two tight teen bodies above her, Lola riding her face to an orgasm before they bend Daisy over and give her what she has been aching for for so long.

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