heather vahn, massage rooms hot brunette has multiple orgasms - 09.21.2017


Steve can hardly believe his luck when he sees the beautiful olive-skinned goddess with huge tits named Heather Vahn is his client for the day. Heather waits for Steve's strong hands on the massage table with nothing more than a skimpy towel to cover her anticipating body. Introducing himself, Steve lies Heather down, and starts to help her relax by rubbing her shoulders. Moving his way down to her arms, Steve places Heather's hands around his neck and begins to massage her pectoral muscles. As his hands pass over her big boobs, Heather gasps softly in pleasure and, taking the hint, Steve kisses her behind the ear. The hair on the back of Heather's neck stands tall, and when Steve pours oil on the brunette's pussy and starts to rub her clit, she can't help but let out a carnal moan. After a lengthy, oily blowjob, Steve massages Heather inside and out. As he thrusts into her on his side, Steve explodes in an orgasm so intense his seed reaches all the way to Heather's big fake tits!